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Biggest Sex Survey of Married Muslims

Biggest Survey on Sex Behaviors in Married Muslim Couples 2018

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

Happy Muslim Family is conducting a global research on the dynamics of sexual behaviors in married Muslim couples, to know the roadblocks in the sexual life in Muslim marriages and thus offer solutions for them.

For that, we are conducting a survey from married Muslims to compile reports on various aspects of the sexual life.

If you are a Muslim husband or a Muslim wife, then we humbly request you to please take 3 minutes out and fill up the survey questionnaire. (Scroll below for the links)

Note: If you are not married, then this survey is not meant for you. It is meant only for married Muslims. Yet, you can share this survey with others who are married to help us reach more people globally. (Scroll below for the share links)

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Halal Food Near Me

5 Tips on “How to Find Halal Food Near Me?” [2018 Updated]

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Do you live in a non-Muslim country and this one question always bugs you when you go out to eat; “How can I find halal food near me?” In this article, I will give you 5 tips to help you get out of your anxiety and find “halal” places to eat.

Food, delicious, glorious, divine food! We all have our own idea of what a lovely plate of food looks and tastes like. Our home-made favourites are easy to pick out and we often have memories that go with them. So too are some of our restaurant favourites. Roasts, grills, chicken, seafood, you name it and you can’t help but rub your hands in glee at the thought of it.

As Muslims though, enjoyable as the food might be, before one morsel of food even touches our lips, our minds must be completely at rest, knowing that our food is 100% halal.
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