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Modanisa - A critical review

Modanisa – Is Hijab Fashion even allowed in Islam? [A Critical Review]

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Here’s a critical review on Modanisa, a Turkey-based Muslim startup promoting hijab fashion. The critique aims to steer the modest fashion trend in the right direction and to present some suggestions to Modanisa on how it can lead this new and positive trend while adhering to the principles of Islam.

It’s an era where the Muslim Ummah is coming back to its root, i.e. the ideology of Islam. This second revival can be witnessed in every aspect of the Muslim society, even in the way it dresses.

The use of hijab and niqab in Muslim women is growing each day, not only in the East but also the West. This can be visibly seen in the public places, workplace, universities and everywhere. Hijab is no more seen as a symbol of oppression of Muslim women, rather as an expression of their empowerment. They feel more empowered when they make a choice to not show their skin in front of every Tom, Dick and Harry, but only to their husband and close family. More importantly, they are wearing it to please their Lord subhanahu wa ta’ala, rather than to please complete strangers in the public.Continue reading