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young divorcee story

Heart-Breaking Story of a Young Divorcee!

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Are The Rules Different For Daughters & Daughters-In-Law In Our Society?

It takes a lot to leave your house where you were raised and go to a new house with new faces everywhere.

23 years of my life I lived in my terms and conditions were loved by everybody. I was my Mom’s doll, my Dad’s princess, and my brother’s best friend.

Until one fine day, I packed my bags with my favorite clothes, footwear, earnings and with a heavy heart, I told myself I am going from one home to another. But then, my life took a U-turn. From those sath pheras (seven vows), the new lifestyle of a new family.

From Paradise to Hell

I tried accepting and adjusting to everything. I was married to their son but nobody took pains to make me feel comfortable to adjust to new environment and surroundings. From getting up early, wearing the suit to bindi, helping in kitchen, nothing pleased to the family.
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