Do You Want to Raise Strong Pious Children Who Make You Feel Proud?

Becoming a Muslim parent places a huge responsibility on your head; that of raising your children as strong Islamic personalities! Islam places huge importance on the correct tarbiyyah of your kids!

How to Become the Ideal Muslim Parent: This book will help you develop your children as upright, pious Muslims. It will help you raise credible children who properly balance their Deen and Dunya, and are proud of their Muslim identity. Learn the best practices of parenting, in the light of Quran & Sunnah!

Irfan Ullah Khan
CEO & Co-Founder
Happy Muslim Family

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

Dear brother / sister in Islam,

Let me ask you a question.

Are you a Muslim parent concerned about how to do the perfect upbringing of your children?

  • You want your children to become the best versions of themselves.
  • You want them to be successful in “Dunya” and to be the best in “Deen” as well.
  • You want them to grow up to become useful citizens of the community.
  • You want your child to become a “Scholar”, or a “Da'ee”, or a “Leader” in a contemporary discipline.
  • You want them to become a hero of Islam! One that makes you proud of them!
  • And that they become a source for you to earn the pleasure of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala).
  • And achieve Jannah! (Insha Allah)

But then there are these issues that keep bugging you all the time:

  • You are concerned that your children would lose their Muslim identity.
  • You fear that this corrupt Western culture surrounding us would affect your children negatively.
  • You fear your children might go astray. Or even completely leave Islam! (Na'uzu billah)
  • You feel you have lost control over your children. You feel powerless in front of them.
  • You always feel stressed and frustrated about how to make your children the best versions of themselves.
  • You are not sure how to build taqwah in them; how to keep them safe from the fitnas we are facing these days.
  • Your children are always glued to digital devices (smartphones, laptop, etc) and you are confused regarding what to do about it.
  • You are unhappy about the bad company your children have. Or you constantly fear they might indulge in bad company.
  • You are not satisfied that you are giving the best tarbiyyah to your children.
  • You think you are failing as a parent, and you have no clue what to do about it.

If this is “You”,
then I have got something for you... Keep Reading!

What Others are saying about the Book!

“Alhamdulillah, this book has provided clear guidance for parents to raise Muslim children with an Allah conscious awareness. After raising many children, I wish I had this book in my earlier years. May Allah reward your efforts and protect our children. JazakAllah Khairun.”

Maleika Jones | United States

“Maa Shaa Allah! I found this book very useful. It's a perfect gift for couple to be or newly wedded couple. If you really want to establish a good Islamic home you need this book. HOW TO BECOME THE IDEAL MUSLIM PARENT is a must for every home!

Jazakallah Khaeran Bro. May Allah bless every drop of ink that made this successful and make it Sadaqa Jariya for you.”

Monsurat Surakat Busari | Nigeria

"JazakAllahu Khairun Kaseerah for this tremendous effort. I am loving the book & may Allah make us wonderful spouses & get blessed with righteous offsprings. Its a huge task to do parenting and this book will In sha Allah help in covering this long journey. Keep up the good work."

Dr Kanwal Mumtaz | UAE

“I found it very useful regarding raising my son in an Islamic manner. The tips were very helpful and I realised my mistakes as a parent. The best thing is that the topics discussed are supported by evidences from Quran and Ahadith that are clearly mentioned under each topic.”

Shara Sanad Nadheem | Sri Lanka

How to Become the Ideal Muslim Parent 

Nurturing Islamic Personality in Your Children! 

Learn the best strategies and principles of parenting from the Islamic perspective. Learn how to raise them in a way that they succeed in both Dunya and Akhirah. Learn the art of "tarbiyyah" extracted from the pure teachings of Quran and Sunnah! With practical examples and tips applied to issues you face in current times!

What's in the Book?

  • What is Tarbiyyah?
  • What is an Islamic Personality?
  • 10 Reasons to Have More Children, Not Less
  • Parent's Responsibility Starts Even Before Birth
  • 10 Practical Tips During Pregnancy
  • How to Welcome the Newborn
  • Choosing a Good Name
  • The Joy of Daughters
  • The Rights of your Child upon you
  • A Lesson for Parents by Umar ibn al-Khattab (RA)
  • How to Become the Role Model
  • How to Build a Strong Relationship
  • How to Cultivate an Islamic Environment
  • How to Build up an Islamic Routine for your Kid
  • How to Develop Greatness of Allah (SWT) and Love for the Prophet (SAW)
  • How to Express your Love to your Children
  • How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry
  • How was the Prophet (SAWS) with Children
  • The Tough Task of Disciplining Children
  • Beating as a Form of Discipline
  • The Do's & Don'ts of Physical Discipline
  • Eight Advices to Deal with Hyper kids
  • Teaching Good Character from a Young Age
  • The Importance of Planning (Table Template provided to plan for the coming years of your child)
  • Ten Tips for Success at School
  • 14 Tips on Children & TV
  • How to Ensure Good Company for your Kids
  • Having Fun with your Kids
  • Eleven Mistakes in Raising Children
  • Raising Children with Deen & Dunya

More Testimonials

“Ma sha Allah. You've really done a good job. May Allah bless ur efforts. Your book touched some aspects of children upbringing that I've been having difficulty with, such as "sibling rivalry", "children and television" and so on. May Allah continue to assist u. I don't like ur book, I love it!!!”

Azumee Ibrahim | Nigeria

“Mashallah it's a very good effort. The book covers everything new parents need, but when the toddler years begin we r looking for practical steps to achieve these goals. Would recommend this book to my friends who r going to become parents soon. Jazakallah Khair.”

Kiran Kalsoom | Pakistan

“First, thank you so much for publishing such an inspirational book. Loving it! I’m a new mommy and there is lot to learn from it. Thank u again!”

Jesmin Matin | Florida, United States

“I am a mother of two and I found this book very interesting and benefiting. May Allah reward u abundantly. I think it would help me a lot in the Islamic tarbiyyat of my kids. I specifically liked the chapter "Cultivating an Islamic environment". I would highly recommend this book to all Muslim parents. ”

Hussaina Ashir | Nigeria

“Masha'Allah you have covered it in the best aspect, touching on everything. Barakallah.

May Allah reward you and your team for your tireless efforts for uplifting this Ummah.”

Salma Din | Kenya

“Ma sha Allah excellent book. The book serves as a real guide for Muslim parents.

I'm a school teacher in an Islamic school. I don't have children but I like this book bcoz it would help me build and nurture my students based on tips from Islam. Wonderful work done.”

Shabana Patel | India

“Alhamdulillaah loving it so far. Shukran :) ”

Zahra Meeah | South Africa

“ Ma Sha Allah, this book gives you complete guidelines as how to deal with your children with Islamic perspective as a noble approach. It deals with minute aspects, which are overlooked by today's parents.

If most of the aspects of this books are to be implemented,then In Sha Allah both parents and their children would unite in Jannah.”

Sufia Siddiqua | India

So What Are You Waiting For?


Raising upright, pious children is a huge responsibility upon your shoulders.

Your children are one of those things you will be asked about on Youm al-Qiyamah. Your children are a gift unto you from Allah. Ask those who are not blessed with children how much they yearn and pray to have children. So you should value this gift. Do not be ungrateful of this blessing that Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) has blessed you with.

Your children need your proper “tarbiyyah” (nurturing) to become strong Muslim personalities. We are living in a world so heavily dominated by a non Islamic culture. Don't lose your children to this corrupt Western lifestyle.

Parenting is an important skill you need to learn. You need to be proactive. You need to specifically “work” on your children and do specific actions to make sure your children are successful in both Dunya and Akhirah.

Now you might be thinking: “But where do I start?”

Take the guess work out, and grab the ultimate guide on Muslim parenting!

How to Become the Ideal Muslim Parent

This is what you learn with this book:

  • Learn the best practices of parenting in today’s fast paced and ever changing world.
  • Learn strategies and tips based on the Divine guidance (Quran and Sunnah),
  • Learn how this Divine guidance applies to issues of modern age.
  • Learn how to build influence, trust, and a nurturing environment that fosters love.
  • Learn practical and easy-to-follow tips on what YOU can do to raise strong, pious kids!

So what are you waiting for?

Invest in your family and your children!

Grab the book and
Build a Strong Family NOW!

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Yes! I want to learn the best practices of parenting, based on “Quran and Sunnah”!

Yes! I want to nurture my children as “strong Islamic Personalities”!

Yes! I want to build “Taqwah” in my children!

Yes! I don't want to lose my sons and daughters to the traps of society!

Yes! I want to raise them to be successful in both “Dunya and Akhirah”!

Yes! I want to invest in my family!

Yes! I know my family is worth it!

Even More Testimonials!

“I was most moved by the topic of shame, something I would never want my child to experience b/c of my own actions. As simple as it sounds, reminding us that they are also just children was very helpful. I now adore my white desk chair covered with coloured pen markings :) ”

Dr Melanie Schlatter | UAE

“Masha Allah brother, you have really done such a thing that will be a sadaqa ajjariya even after ur life as this book is very helpful toward good upbringing of a Muslim child. JazakAllah bi Khairil Jaza.”

Ummu Musayyab | Nigeria

“Let me firstly thank you for putting such efforts.

It makes me happier ever I found such a comprehensive book which will enrich and nourish me with the complete vision of Islam's attitude.”

Obaid Ghafoori | UAE

“Assalamu Alaikum sir... ALHAMDULILLAH, this book gave me an idea that how a child should be nurtured... And it paved me a right way at the right time... Yes... To make my children my best companions, tarbiya is the right way... And I'm thankful to Allah that I've got this book at the right time coz its useful to each n every individual who is married or going to get married... Inshaa allah. This book is so good to cherish our duty towards our kids all time... :) I really like it.”

Mariyam Shanas | India

“Our primary intention of having children should be related to our deen. This book is really praiseworthy. It is the best of its kind I have ever read. I strongly recommend this book to all Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Shamim Azad | Bangladesh

“I'm really enjoying it. Jazaak Allah Khayran.”

Fatimah Ibrahim | Nigeria

“It is a very helpful good book. It's a practical book, you do not give what you don't have.”

Zainab Oyindamola | Nigeria

“The contents of the whole book are v nice and well chosen. Most importantly I find the book v easy to read, not complex at all. JazakAllah.”

Anim Sikandar | Pakistan

“Asalam Alekum. The book is comprehensive and covers every aspect of child upbringing from choosing the mother / father for your children and ensuring they become faithful servant of Allah swt. Some portions of the book I read seemed as if it is directly addressing me. Jazakum Allahu Kyran.”

Temitope Monsurat Oladoja Gidigbih | Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I read the book?

A: The book is actually a PDF Ebook. You can download the PDF file to your PC, mobile or tablet and read the book on any device.

Q: Can I read the book on mobile?

A: Definitely. The Ebook is a PDF file and is mobile optimized. Obviously your mobile must have the application to view PDF files. Most smartphones these days can open PDF files without any problem.

Q: How much time does the delivery take?

A: You get instant access as soon as you pay. This is an online Ebook so it doesn't need any physical delivery. So you can literally start reading the book within 5 minutes from now.

Q: Is the book available for my country?

A: As mentioned, this is an online Ebook. So you can get the Ebook no matter where you live. You just need an internet connection to download. Once you download the PDF file, you won't even need an internet connection.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the access?

A: No restrictions at all. You get unlimited access to the Ebook for whole life. Even if you lost the PDF file, you can log into the portal to re-download it at any future time.

Q: How can I pay for the Ebook?

A: You can pay online using PayPal, or credit card or debit card. If you don't have PayPal or credit/debit card, you can email us to get details of offline payment options.

Q: What if I have any other questions?

A: You can email our staff at and we will gladly answer any question that you have until you are completely satisfied. :)

O believers! Save yourselves and your family from the Hellfire whose fuel is men and stones!(Surah at-Tahrim : 6)

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