Heart-Breaking Story of a Young Divorcee!

Heart-Breaking Story of a Young Divorcee!

By Irfan Ullah Khan

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Are The Rules Different For Daughters & Daughters-In-Law In Our Society?

It takes a lot to leave your house where you were raised and go to a new house with new faces everywhere.

23 years of my life I lived in my terms and conditions were loved by everybody. I was my Mom’s doll, my Dad’s princess, and my brother’s best friend.

Until one fine day, I packed my bags with my favorite clothes, footwear, earnings and with a heavy heart, I told myself I am going from one home to another. But then, my life took a U-turn. From those sath pheras (seven vows), the new lifestyle of a new family.

From Paradise to Hell

I tried accepting and adjusting to everything. I was married to their son but nobody took pains to make me feel comfortable to adjust to new environment and surroundings. From getting up early, wearing the suit to bindi, helping in kitchen, nothing pleased to the family.

“Rules were different for a daughter and a daughter-in-law in the same family.”

For the world, I was happily married. The truth was different.

Everybody thought I have an amazing and understanding husband. He always expects from you to ADJUST. Adjusting for a woman is easy because all her life she does that. Adjustment can be done for 10 days or a month but when it is a lifetime adjustment one should RETHINK.

To all the mother in laws – I am sure your son’s heart has enough space to accommodate the both of us and if you are so possessive about your son, then you shouldn’t have even gotten him married.

6 months of mental torture and isolation I had been through, made me move back from where I came “my home”.

Back to “My Home”!

DIVORCED at 24, after a marriage that lasted only 6 months. Yes, it was an arranged marriage.

I got divorced at the age when most of my friends were not even engaged. I had earned the stigma of being a divorcee, a term that I find extremely regressive and judgmental. My journey from being newly married to separated to divorced all within a span of 2 years.

When I filed for divorce, I knew that life would not be easy. I felt betrayed for all the goodness that I ever had in me.


A Stigma in Society

Sometimes families find it shameful to update the society on the newly acquired marital status of their children/siblings. It had been painful for me to meet relatives at social gatherings. They ended up asking:

“Where is your husband?”

I had to put on a brave face and told myself that I could not stop meeting the numerous people who loved me because of one worthless person from my past. Talking to some people always triggers negativity and hopelessness.

Some days and some people did pinch but I moved on.

Stop Pitying Yourself!

I had discovered that unless I stopped pitying myself, the society would not. Once I started accepting and respecting me and my choices, the universe accepted and cooperated as well. I don’t encourage divorce. I just feel that if you have found your reason to opt out of matrimony, don’t be afraid.

I still wonder what my future holds but hey I am just 24. I am independent, living for myself, having a good job and eventually will have a good guy. I don’t live with that hope but I know that is the truth because the fault was not in me but in the family I, unfortunately, became part of.

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Source: The Divorced Muslimah – Published with permission. The “young divorcee” who wrote the story prefers to remain anonymous.

In the video below, sister Mayya shares 4 tips that helped her get through her divorce. A very helpful video for Muslim sisters who have gone through a divorce. Watch the video below for some wonderful tips:

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About the Author

Irfan Ullah Khan is a Marriage Transformation Coach helping Muslims achieve happiness in their marriage through Islamic advice. He is also author of three books: 1. "The 8 Love Languages". 2. "Better Love with Better Half". 3. "The Halal Sex Guide". He also coaches married Muslim couples about the halal methods of birth control in his course "Halal Birth Control - 19 Methods with Islamic Ahkam".

  • MGM says:

    But unfortunately in today’s age and time couples are not patient they forget very easily the priceless moments they shared together , Every day is not a Sunday you got to stick together through thick and thin no matter what dont leave each other do not let the extreme thought take over your reasons coz everyday is a new binning. I dont Belive in separation acknowledge good in each other and compromise for the sake of ALLAH and Mercy of ALLAH will be with you.

    Please encourage within our sisters and brothers

  • Z. Isa says:

    She is just 24. I know a 47 year old who quit her marriage of 18 years after she realized her husband never had the intention to financially support the family. He had laid that on her shoulder 100%. She got tired of trying. My dear 24 is even a better age to let go of what you can’t carry. May Allah choose and direct you to the best.

    • Khan says:

      Absolute right decision on right time. No regrets.

  • Dotlankeem Keem says:

    Thanks very much for ur immeasurable services to make humanity better than u met it, i will advise if u can please link me up with the sister, she needs help and supports.
    May i even advise u to, u can make ur works available on you tube too. Sallamulahi.

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