Biggest Sex Survey of Married Muslims

Biggest Survey on Sex Behaviors in Married Muslim Couples 2018

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

Happy Muslim Family is conducting a global research on the dynamics of sexual behaviors in married Muslim couples, to know the roadblocks in the sexual life in Muslim marriages and thus offer solutions for them.

For that, we are conducting a survey from married Muslims to compile reports on various aspects of the sexual life.

If you are a Muslim husband or a Muslim wife, then we humbly request you to please take 3 minutes out and fill up the survey questionnaire. (Scroll below for the links)

Note: If you are not married, then this survey is not meant for you. It is meant only for married Muslims. Yet, you can share this survey with others who are married to help us reach more people globally. (Scroll below for the share links)

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Halal Food Near Me

5 Tips on “How to Find Halal Food Near Me?” [2018 Updated]

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Do you live in a non-Muslim country and this one question always bugs you when you go out to eat; “How can I find halal food near me?” In this article, I will give you 5 tips to help you get out of your anxiety and find “halal” places to eat.

Food, delicious, glorious, divine food! We all have our own idea of what a lovely plate of food looks and tastes like. Our home-made favourites are easy to pick out and we often have memories that go with them. So too are some of our restaurant favourites. Roasts, grills, chicken, seafood, you name it and you can’t help but rub your hands in glee at the thought of it.

As Muslims though, enjoyable as the food might be, before one morsel of food even touches our lips, our minds must be completely at rest, knowing that our food is 100% halal.
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Modanisa - A critical review

Modanisa – Is Hijab Fashion even allowed in Islam? [A Critical Review]

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Here’s a critical review on Modanisa, a Turkey-based Muslim startup promoting hijab fashion. The critique aims to steer the modest fashion trend in the right direction and to present some suggestions to Modanisa on how it can lead this new and positive trend while adhering to the principles of Islam.

It’s an era where the Muslim Ummah is coming back to its root, i.e. the ideology of Islam. This second revival can be witnessed in every aspect of the Muslim society, even in the way it dresses.

The use of hijab and niqab in Muslim women is growing each day, not only in the East but also the West. This can be visibly seen in the public places, workplace, universities and everywhere. Hijab is no more seen as a symbol of oppression of Muslim women, rather as an expression of their empowerment. They feel more empowered when they make a choice to not show their skin in front of every Tom, Dick and Harry, but only to their husband and close family. More importantly, they are wearing it to please their Lord subhanahu wa ta’ala, rather than to please complete strangers in the public.Continue reading

young divorcee story

Heart-Breaking Story of a Young Divorcee!

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Are The Rules Different For Daughters & Daughters-In-Law In Our Society?

It takes a lot to leave your house where you were raised and go to a new house with new faces everywhere.

23 years of my life I lived in my terms and conditions were loved by everybody. I was my Mom’s doll, my Dad’s princess, and my brother’s best friend.

Until one fine day, I packed my bags with my favorite clothes, footwear, earnings and with a heavy heart, I told myself I am going from one home to another. But then, my life took a U-turn. From those sath pheras (seven vows), the new lifestyle of a new family.

From Paradise to Hell

I tried accepting and adjusting to everything. I was married to their son but nobody took pains to make me feel comfortable to adjust to new environment and surroundings. From getting up early, wearing the suit to bindi, helping in kitchen, nothing pleased to the family.
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Abaya UK Online Shops

Abaya UK – Top 5 Abaya Online Shops in UK

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Muslim women have been dressing in abayas for centuries. In Saudi Arabia, it is a must to be worn by women. But the significance of an abaya dress is no less in other parts of the globe.

It would be correct to say that abaya is a proud representation of the Muslim culture. Recently the abaya culture has shown a remarkable growth, both in the Eastern and Western world.

The basic idea of an Islamic dress for women is a long loose dress that drapes around freely and hides a woman from head to toe. It has many different formations in different parts of the world. Shawls and wraps are all part of Muslim code of dressing. But over the past few decades abaya has gained much popularity and different dressing styles have beautifully merged together giving the abaya a whole new level and meaning.

A traditional abaya dress used to be black, so primary color for abayas can still be caught as black. With its popularity spreading into the other parts of the world, the abaya incorporated new colors and design. Also, the main fabric used to be traditionally light weight linen or cotton or chiffon, but with its advent into the colder regions of the world many new warmer fabrics have now been introduced.

The Challenge in Buying an Abaya in UK

Muslim women living in regions other than the Arabian Peninsula find it difficult to shop for an abaya or a modest wardrobe as a whole. Not just the length and cuts of dresses become an issue, but the fabric too presents a challenge. This is true especially for women living in UK where the abaya culture has widely grown recently.

Reverts face the same challenges. If they are working women, it becomes all the more difficult for them to switch to and pick out a new wardrobe that is practical and comfortable, as well as concealing and covering.

Alhumdu lillah, these problems can now be addressed by using abaya online shops. There are many online shops these days working from all parts of the world, but many UK based abaya businesses have in the past few years started offering their services. This is good news for the local British Muslims as this helps them in paying lower shipping costs which comes in real high when ordering an abaya from an international online outlet, e.g. an outlet based in UAE, etc.

In a previous post, we reviewed top 5 abaya online shops with a global perspective. We also extensively reviewed a Turkey-based startup called Modanisa that delivers modest clothing internationally including to the UK. In this post, we focus mainly on UK based abaya shops that offer abaya online delivery services.

These abaya UK outlets are a blessing for the Muslim sisters living in the UK and around. They help them benefit in many ways, not just the low shipping costs but also to keep the attire in accordance with the weather and culture (in the sense of colors worn in UK and the long coat styles that are European but can be transformed into abayas considering the fact that a coat is just as concealing when paired with modestly tailored pants etc).

So, keeping all the above points in mind here is a list of top five online abaya shops in the UK that are ranked as the top with respect to many points. These sites belong to professional abaya designers; they have the most up to date, trendy and fashionable abayas, and they are also affordable.
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online abaya shops

Abaya Online – Top 5 Online Shops to Buy Abaya Dress

By Irfan Ullah Khan

If you are specifically looking for online Abaya portals in the UK, then read this article instead: >> Abaya UK – Top 5 Abaya Online Shops in UK

Dressing with dignity and being respectful of their physique is of prime importance for Muslim women.

To the surprise of many, this can be achieved in a fashionable way. There is absolutely no need to flaunt or show off body or figure to look and feel good. The designs made by many fashion designers worldwide are proving this every day.

Bringing their talent into the world of fashion in their own unique way, these designers keep in their minds every aspect of clothing from seasons to mood to skin tone to different figures and whatever there is to keep in mind to make Muslim women look outstanding, feel comfortable and at their best.

These designers belong to different parts of the world. With the advent of the internet, it has never been easier to make their talent available worldwide. Today there are various online stores where women can search for abayas online using different criteria. They can search for the exact abaya dress that matches their taste, needs, physical appearance (i.e. length, sizes) and budget. The world of online shopping has brought with it countless benefits for both consumers and sellers. Ease of access is just one to name out of many.

Muslims living in Western countries, definitely face a hard time when going out to buy a new abaya dress. But there is certainly no need to all the way fly or travel to a Muslim country to get access to an Abaya shop. There are various online abaya outlets today, with various talented designers working in collaboration or on their own making the life of Muslim women fashionable without compromising their modesty and Islamic identity.

Top 5 Abaya Online Shops

Here’s a compilation of the 5 best abaya online shops globally.

1. Sheikha-Shopping

This one is a UAE based abaya online store as the name denotes. They started out in 2010 in Dubai and have a worldwide customer base. They offer delivery to any part of the world. They carry with them a young, talented and fashion enthusiastic team that works hard to bring to Muslim women excellent wear that stays within the boundary of faith.

abaya online

Being their primary customer, the Muslim women are their top priority. Quality is their main motive. Their Abayas are hand-made and of fine fabric from Dubai. Along with Abayas, wallets and handbag range is also available. Cosmetics are on their list too.

Halal content is always made sure so that a Muslim can shop care-free on their store. They have a very fast delivery, i.e. within two working days. Within UAE, shipping is free of any charges. They have a good online social media presence, so follow them to keep updated.
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rights of a wife in islam

Rights of a Wife in Islam – 6 Islamic Rights Your Husband Won’t Tell You!

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Much emphasis is made on the duties of a wife in Islam. So I felt there’s a need in the Muslim societies to talk about the rights of a wife in Islam!

The West might be proud of being the champion of so-called “women rights”, yet Islam protects the rights of a wife in the most beautiful way.

It is easy to think of marriage with a rose-tinted view. As much as the union is one that is firmly rooted in Islamic practice, people do get carried away by the worldly ideals of “love” and “romance” to a point of sometimes being unable to consider practical reality.

Entering into the union of marriage is most definitely a beautiful and sacred act, encouraged by Islam. Yet, to give the solemnity of this happy union its due consideration, it is important to also look at the rights and responsibilities of both parties when it comes to being a spouse.

More specifically, this article takes a look at the rights of a wife in Islam. Yes, unsurprisingly, women are more influential than anticipated. As they embark on a journey towards being a wife in Islam, they hold more rights and personal agency than the secular world would ever imagine.

Though marriage is a happy union sanctioned by the almighty Creator, it helps to go into it, with full knowledge of your rights and duties. Attention all married or soon-to-be-married Muslimahs, this one is for you.
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husband and wife in islam

10 Tips to Spice up the Husband and Wife Relationship in Islam

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Marriage is a sacred bond…

Entered into by two people who are committed in their goal to fulfil the Sunnah and attain the pleasure of their creator.

It is also a natural human impulse to want to share your life with someone special and create a family.

When everything is new, it is easy to remain enthusiastic, but the reality is that somehow along the way in that journey, many people lose sight of the beauty in a good marriage and fall into negative patterns.

The truth is that the bond between a husband and wife in Islam is something that needs to be grown and cultivated with equal effort from both sides.

Whether you are just beginning your marital journey or you are looking for ways to add value to a long-standing marriage, here are…

10 Tips to Spice up the Relationship of Husband and Wife in Islam

1. Set aside time for your spouse

Aisha (RA) reported that she was with Allah’s messenger during a journey. She said, “I was not bulky”. He told his companions to move forward and they did. He then told me: “Come and race me”. I raced him on foot and I beat him. But, on another journey, when I became bulky, he asked me to race him. I raced him and he beat me. He started laughing and said: “This makes up for that beating”.

When it comes to love and marriage, there really is no greater gift that you can give your spouse than taking some time to be present to them and their needs.

It is easy to get caught up in daily living. Pressures of the modern day often mean that not just husbands but also wives are now part of the workforce. This means that time for nurturing the marriage is often at a premium. Yes, it may be challenging, but it is of vital importance to set aside time, not just for the normal daily activities and children, but with each other as man and wife. It is this primary bond that will build the foundation of the family, so it has to be nurtured. Take drives, go out on walks, and even sit back at the end of the evening with a cup of tea or coffee to have a meaningful conversation.

2. Express your love through gratitude

“And of His signs is that He has created spouses for yourselves from your own selves so you might take comfort in them and He has created love and mercy among both of you. In this there is evidence (of the truth) for the people who (carefully) think.” (Surah 30, Verse 21).

Love and mercy should be the hallmarks of any solid marriage and relationship. We see that it is stipulated within the scriptures. But is this truly what is practised in modern daily life?

The truth is that once you are in a routine, with a person that you’ve been married to for a while, it is easy to take certain acts of kindness for granted. That extra snack that your wife packs into your lunchbox or when your husband agrees to take the children away so that you can have time at your Mum’s place, can all seem mandatory and expected. However if you think about it, your life would become more challenging if you didn’t have that in place. Just taking the time to articulate the words ‘thank you’ between a husband and wife in Islam, is a good start. You can also express your gratitude through acts of consideration, doing something thoughtful or using your own perception to do something meaningful for your partner.

3. Make an effort

Sayyiduna Ibn Abbās radiallahu anhu said: “As my wife adorns herself for me, I adorn myself for her. I do not want to take all of my rights from her so that she will not take all of her rights from me because Allah, the Exalted, stated the following: “And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them.” (Qur῾ān2 :228.)[11]

Dress in good clothing, keep your personal hygiene in check, and always remember that your spouse is a deserving recipient of your best. Marriage can be a complex situation at times, but there are still basic principles of a man and woman and attraction at play in a husband and wife relationship in Islam and an effort made in this department can help strengthen the marital bond. A good scent, a clean body, good dress, and some makeup and accessories for the ladies all communicate to your spouse that you have a positive attitude about yourself and that you respect your marriage enough to make the effort. Men must also make the effort to be well-groomed to the best of their ability.

4. Do fun, halaal activities together

The Prophet (sall Allahu alaihe wa sallam) stated, “Allah is pleased when a husband plays with his wife, due to this he fixes thawaab (good reward) for them or he establishes halal rizq (lawful sustenance) for them.” (Al-Ifsah Ibn Hajr Haithami)

From an Islamic perspective, marriage is treated with the utmost solemnity. However, this does not mean that fun within the marriage context should not be had.

As much as marriage can fall into a routine, it is important that as a couple you two retain the identity of man and wife. Before the two of you may have become mum and dad, you were both each other’s sweethearts and it is important to retain that identity and grow the love that exists there. Play games, eat out at your favourite restaurants, and get the heart rate up with some fun adrenaline -filled sport. Create a buzz that you will remember and talk about for years to come.
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Khadijah - The Prophet's (saws) Beloved; the Princess of Quraish

Khadijah – The Prophet’s beloved, the Princess of Quraysh

By Irfan Ullah Khan

“She believed in me when the whole world refuted me and she attested to my trueness when the whole world accused me of falsehood. She offered me compassion and loyalty with her wealth when everyone else had forsaken me.”

[Prophet Muhammad (saws): Narrated by Masnad Ahmad]

Khadijah, the first wife of the Prophet (saws), is a figure of great inspiration to the Muslim women.

She was the first to believe in the message of Muhammad (saws).

She proved to be the Prophet’s (saws) steadfast ally at all times.

She shared in all his troubles and difficulties.

She was always the first to offer him cover and support.

She gave him love and advice whenever he needed it.

At the age of forty, a widow and a wealthy business-woman, Khadijah (ra) married the Prophet (saws) when he was twenty-five, in what proved to be a relationship of profound love, loyalty and friendship.
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