Biggest Survey on Sex Behaviors in Married Muslim Couples 2018

Biggest Survey on Sex Behaviors in Married Muslim Couples 2018

By Irfan Ullah Khan

Biggest Sex Survey of Married Muslims

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

Happy Muslim Family is conducting a global research on the dynamics of sexual behaviors in married Muslim couples, to know the roadblocks in the sexual life in Muslim marriages and thus offer solutions for them.

For that, we are conducting a survey from married Muslims to compile reports on various aspects of the sexual life.

If you are a Muslim husband or a Muslim wife, then we humbly request you to please take 3 minutes out and fill up the survey questionnaire. (Scroll below for the links)

Note: If you are not married, then this survey is not meant for you. It is meant only for married Muslims. Yet, you can share this survey with others who are married to help us reach more people globally. (Scroll below for the share links)

There are two questionnaires as follows:

  1. Survey Questionnaire for Muslim Wives.
  2. Survey Questionnaire for Muslim Husbands.

The questions in the two surveys are a bit different, so kindly fill up the relevant survey, i.e. brothers should fill up the questionnaire for Muslim Husbands, while sisters should fill up the questionnaire for Muslim Wives.

The survey results will be used to assess physical, psychological and other aspects related to marriage and sex among married Muslims. This study will become a basis for the marriage advice and tips in our upcoming books, videos, blog posts, etc. and will insha Allah benefit the Ummah.

So we need you to do 3 things now:

Step 1: Fill up the Questionnaire

If you are married, then click one of the links below and fill up the survey.

Survey Questionnaire for Muslim Wives (Click this link if you are a married sister)

Survey Questionnaire for Muslim Husbands (Click this link if you are a married brother)

Step 2: Subscribe to Get Notified of Survey Results

The results of the survey will be shared in a blog post very soon insha Allah, as soon as we are able to get enough entries and compile the results. The results will be presented in user-friendly formats with proper graphs, pie charts, etc to make it easy to understand for the common person. As soon as the results are published, we will notify our subscribers by email, so if you want to get notified, then please click here to subscribe.

Step 3: Share to Help us in this Research

Please share the link of this survey with friends and family (short link given below). Even if you are not married, and you don’t fill up the questionnaire, you can still share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, email, Whatsapp, etc. so we can reach more Muslims globally. A larger sample size makes the research more solid and will help us get a better picture of the sex behaviors of married Muslim couples across the globe.

To share, click the Facebook and Twitter icons below, or share the short URL below.

Here’s the short link to share:

Jazak Allah Khair for your Support

With your help, we can make this the biggest research ever conducted on sex behaviors of Muslim couples, insha Allah.

May Allah fill all Muslim marriages with love and happiness.

Irfan Ullah Khan
Marriage Transformation Coach
Happy Muslim Family


About the Author

Irfan Ullah Khan is a Marriage Transformation Coach helping Muslims achieve happiness in their marriage through Islamic advice. He is also author of three books: 1. "The 8 Love Languages". 2. "Better Love with Better Half". 3. "The Halal Sex Guide". He also coaches married Muslim couples about the halal methods of birth control in his course "Halal Birth Control - 19 Methods with Islamic Ahkam".

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