Enjoy Passionate Halal Sex with your Spouse, while Earning the Pleasure of Allah and Getting Rewarded!

Better Love with Better Half will transform the way you make love with your spouse! Both of you will feel more energy and passion in your sexual relationship!

And the best part: You will enjoy intimacy knowing you are doing it according to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah! So you Enjoy Sex + Earn the Pleasure of Allah + Earn Reward, all at the same time! Can anything be better than that!

Do These Questions
Keep Bugging You
All The Time?

  • Is it halal to get completely naked during sex?
  • What about “Oral Sex”?
  • And suckling wife's breasts?
  • Can I use different sex positions when I make love?
  • Can I use sex toys? ... Can I wear sexy lingerie?
  • What should I do on the 1st night (Wedding night)?
  • Can I kiss my wife while fasting during Ramadhan?

And so on ... and on .... and on!

Irfan Ullah Khan
(Marriage Transformation Coach)

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

Dear brother / sister in Islam,


  • You are going to get married soon, or
  • You are a Newlywed Bride or Groom, or
  • You have been married for quite some time (even decades!),

Then I have got something up for you!


Most Muslims these days are confused on matters related to sexual intimacy.

... They are always guessing whether a certain thing is halal or haram in Islam.

And I bet you also have these confusions... and many others... regarding your sexual life with your spouse.

But the problem is ...

You feel shy to ask these questions from an elder, or from the imam of your mosque... right?

And the regular imam will never touch these sensitive topics in their Friday khutba, or a dars or talk.

I ask you one question:

... Can you ever enjoy sexual intimacy with your spouse when you are confused about all those things whether they are halal or haram?

Of course, NOT!

Think about it...

... You will always hesitate to do certain things in bed... because you fear they might be haram!

And that's why you feel you will never be able to FULLY ENJOY SEX, even within your marriage!

That's a DISASTER!

If you cannot even have passionate and enjoyable intimacy WITHIN your marriage, then how else are you going to have it? There is no other way that is halal in Islam!

So you are DOOMED then! Right?

No, you are not!

I have some good news for you!

Introducing: “Better Love with Better Half”!

“SAY NO” to all these confusions, once and for all!

Grab my Book, and
Get Rid of all Doubts!

better love with better half - by irfan ullah khan
  • Explanation of The Metaphor “Like a Garment”
  • Encouragement to Marry
  • Advantages of Marriage
  • Marital Bliss (Having a good time in marriage)
  • Understanding the Procreation instinct (The Western viewpoint versus the correct viewpoint)
  • Reward in Intimacy with Spouse
  • The Love of the Prophet (S.A.W.S.) towards his wives
  • The 6 lessons taken from the Hadith of Jabir
  • The one golden principle that solves 80% of the marital issues!
  • The Right to Intimacy
  • Foreplay (Ruling about French Kissing, etc)
  • Taking off clothes and seeing each other completely naked
  • Oral Sex
  • Sex Positions
  • Anal Sex is Haram (but what is allowed)
  • What is allowed and not allowed during menstruation
  • Masturbation
  • Suckling wife's breasts
  • Using Sex Toys, Wearing Sexy Lingerie
  • Taking a bath together seeing each other
  • Which contraceptive methods are allowed and which are not allowed
  • The impermissibility of Abortion and the one exception to the rule
  • Ruling of Intimacy During Ramadhan (Kissing, Hugging during fast)
  • General tips for outstanding intimacy
  • Learning the body language
  • Achieving orgasm for both
  • The reality of Female ejaculations
  • Tips to Avoid Early Ejaculation
  • The 1st Night (Sunnah ways for the wedding night + More general tips)
  • Keeping the Secret of Your Spouse

And a lot more!

oral sex & masterbation in islam

What Others are saying about the Book!

“Assalamualaikum. I will like to congratulate you on tackling a very difficult subject with aplomb. It was informative, well grounded on the QURAN and Sunnah.

I think it's an asset for the Ummah , Alhamdulillah.”

Dr Sharifah Nazirah | Ameerah Qabeelat Itqaan, AlMaghrib Singapore

waziha alladin

“Masha Allah. I actually do not have words to express myself on the book.

Better Love with Better Half is an outstanding book. It acts as a key in solving the problems of many and above all, a wonderful guide for couples who are going to accomplish the nikah.

Waziha Alladin | Mauritius

“Very informative and detailed without being vulgar. It answers a lot of questions that people might be too shy to ask.

Jazakum Allahu Khier! May Allah reward those who worked on it immensely and raise them in status with Him.”

Kauthar AbdulRasheed | United Kingdom

So What Are You Waiting For?

Grab the book and

Transform Your Marriage NOW!

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better love with better half - ebook

Special Offer - $6.95 Only

Regular Price: $14

Is this for ME?

  • Are you going to get married soon?
  • Are you a Newlywed Bride or Groom?
  • Are you a veteran, i.e. married for quite some time (even decades!)?

If your answer is “Yes”,
then this book is definitely

More Testimonials!

sa'adat mohammed

“Masha'Allah it was a fantastic read. It answered so many questions that you wouldn't feel right asking your parents about or questions that you wouldn't really trust answers you'd get from Google.

What I loved especially was the fact that there were hadiths to support it. Already recommended it to a couple of my friends.”

Sa'adat Mohammed | Nigeria

“I really found it informative and helpful. I went to a marriage conference yesterday and I was able to comprehend a lot of things because of reading the book beforehand. Jazakallah khair. It really is informative.”

Bintou Darboe | Malaysia

abdallah hishmeh

“Very nice layout & design, I liked the conclusion at the end of the section. I liked straightforward Islamic perspective w/out any mudahanah of some “modern/moderate” muslims!”

Abdallah Hishmeh | United States

“I have learnt so much!

Thank you for the opportunity for me to learn more of my obligations in the future as a husband and I hope you can continue doing so insyaAllah. JazakAllah Khair.”

Omar Ali Saifuddin Mohamed | Singapore

“I really enjoyed the book. Masha Allah it just came when I was really in need. Thanx.”

Rukaiya Saad | Nigeria

The Ultimate Guide to
Intimacy in Islam!

Even More Testimonials!

farzana hattia

“A wonderful and much needed book! I couldn't wait to read it and read it in one sitting. I have to get my hubby to read this book.”

Farzana Hattia | South Africa

“You have really done a great job by writing this book. It is a real sadaqatul jariya. May Allah reward you abundantly, ameen. With this book, I think I will not face any marital challenges in my married life. I intend to get a copy for my fiance too so that he can read and benefit from your hardwork. May we all meet in Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen.”

Baraka Umar | Nigeria

rakin misbah

“I have found it really good. It has references from Quran and Sunnah. This is very helpful.

I'm also a teacher and I was thinking of using it as a teaching material. Jazakalah khair for your efforts. It was definitely needed in the Ummah.”

Rakin Misbah | United Kingdom

faizah ashiru

“It was so captivating and very informative. Thank you for clearing airs surrounding some issues. I have recommended it to my fiancee, I'm sure it will help us achieve a happy home.

Jazakumllah khairan. May Allah keep on enriching you and your team's fountain of knowledge so that you can continue to impact on all Muslims.”

Faizah Ashiru | Nigeria

“I thought it was a well put together piece. It helped me dispel all the cultural practices I was taught when I was recently married and all the ways I can bring myself closer to my husband.

As a victim of child abuse, I struggled to get used to the idea of being intimate with someone who I barely knew (I was married through a family arrangement) however now I know that I can start to move forward to build myself and the marriage and relationship I want.”

Sabeeya | United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I read the book?

A: The book is actually a PDF Ebook. You can download the PDF file to your PC, mobile or tablet and read the book on any device.

Q: Can I read the book on mobile?

A: Definitely. The Ebook is a PDF file and is mobile optimized. Obviously your mobile must have the application to view PDF files. Most smartphones these days can open PDF files without any problem.

Q: How much time does the delivery take?

A: You get instant access as soon as you pay. This is an online Ebook so it doesn't need any physical delivery. So you can literally start reading the book within 5 minutes from now.

Q: Is the book available for my country?

A: As mentioned, this is an online Ebook. So you can get the Ebook no matter where you live. You just need an internet connection to download. Once you download the PDF file, you won't even need an internet connection.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the access?

A: No restrictions at all. You get unlimited access to the Ebook for whole life. Even if you lost the PDF file, you can log into the portal to re-download it at any future time.

Q: How can I pay for the Ebook?

A: You can pay online using PayPal, or credit card or debit card. If you don't have PayPal or credit/debit card, you can email us to get details of offline payment options.

So Are You Ready
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Your Intimate Life?

better love with better half - ebook

Special Offer - $6.95 Only

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