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  • Explanation of The Metaphor “Like a Garment”
  • Encouragement to Marry
  • Advantages of Marriage
  • Marital Bliss (Having a good time in marriage)
  • Understanding the Procreation instinct (The Western viewpoint and the correct viewpoint)
  • Reward in Intimacy with Spouse
  • The Love of the Prophet (S.A.W.S.) towards his wives
  • The 6 lessons taken from the Hadith of Jabir
  • The one golden principle that solves 80% of the marital issues!
  • The Right to Intimacy
  • Foreplay (Ruling about French Kissing, etc)
  • Taking off clothes and seeing each other completely naked
  • Oral Sex
  • Sex Positions
  • Anal Sex is Haram (but what is allowed)
  • What is allowed and not allowed during menstruation
  • Masturbation
  • Suckling wife's breasts
  • Using Sex Toys, Wearing Sexy Lingerie
  • Taking a bath together seeing each other
  • Which contraceptive methods are allowed and which are not allowed
  • The impermissibility of Abortion and the one exception to the rule
  • Ruling of Intimacy During Ramadhan (Kissing, Hugging during fast)
  • General tips for outstanding intimacy
  • Learning the body language
  • Achieving orgasm for both
  • The reality of Female ejaculations
  • Tips to Avoid Early Ejaculation
  • The 1st Night (Sunnah ways for the wedding night + More general tips)
  • Keeping the Secret of Your Spouse

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