Abaya Online - Top 5 Online Shops to Buy Abaya Dress

Abaya Online – Top 5 Online Shops to Buy Abaya Dress

By Irfan Ullah Khan

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Dressing with dignity and being respectful of their physique is of prime importance for Muslim women.

To the surprise of many, this can be achieved in a fashionable way. There is absolutely no need to flaunt or show off body or figure to look and feel good. The designs made by many fashion designers worldwide are proving this every day.

Bringing their talent into the world of fashion in their own unique way, these designers keep in their minds every aspect of clothing from seasons to mood to skin tone to different figures and whatever there is to keep in mind to make Muslim women look outstanding, feel comfortable and at their best.

These designers belong to different parts of the world. With the advent of the internet, it has never been easier to make their talent available worldwide. Today there are various online stores where women can search for abayas online using different criteria. They can search for the exact abaya dress that matches their taste, needs, physical appearance (i.e. length, sizes) and budget. The world of online shopping has brought with it countless benefits for both consumers and sellers. Ease of access is just one to name out of many.

Muslims living in Western countries, definitely face a hard time when going out to buy a new abaya dress. But there is certainly no need to all the way fly or travel to a Muslim country to get access to an Abaya shop. There are various online abaya outlets today, with various talented designers working in collaboration or on their own making the life of Muslim women fashionable without compromising their modesty and Islamic identity.

Top 5 Abaya Online Shops

Here’s a compilation of the 5 best abaya online shops globally.

1. Sheikha-Shopping

This one is a UAE based abaya online store as the name denotes. They started out in 2010 in Dubai and have a worldwide customer base. They offer delivery to any part of the world. They carry with them a young, talented and fashion enthusiastic team that works hard to bring to Muslim women excellent wear that stays within the boundary of faith.

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Being their primary customer, the Muslim women are their top priority. Quality is their main motive. Their Abayas are hand-made and of fine fabric from Dubai. Along with Abayas, wallets and handbag range is also available. Cosmetics are on their list too.

Halal content is always made sure so that a Muslim can shop care-free on their store. They have a very fast delivery, i.e. within two working days. Within UAE, shipping is free of any charges. They have a good online social media presence, so follow them to keep updated.

2. Gulf Islamic Store

Abaya and Hijab being the principal dressing code of Muslim women worldwide, Gulf Islamic Store proves to be a quality service provider regarding abaya online. The online store came into being in 2001.

Many different designs and colors for Abayas are offered on their online store. Muslim women all over the world can easily pick out of several designs that range from simple to fancy, from wedding gown styled abayas to kaftans dresses. Considering the fact that they offer custom made dresses, their prices are very economic.

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Fancy wear are also designed upon order that range from exquisite embroidery work to stone work of fine gems. Beautiful and colorful thread work and applique works are also available, all of which are done with fine quality fabric.

Although quality fabric is always retained in all the products, the prices are considerably low which makes this online store a perfect place for those looking for wholesale kind of purchasing. They are also said to be the biggest wholesaler in the Middle Eastern region. More than 5000 designs are delivered over to 35 countries in Australian, European, Asian, African and American continents.

Gulf Islamic Store also assists the home based businesses. It also shows its support to those who are revert Muslims by presenting the women with complimentary Abayas to show its love and praise and provide a warm welcome in its own way.

The main style focus is Arab culture and heritage and traditional looks of the gulf region. 

3. Annah Hariri

Although the business is UAE based due to legal registration, the owner and head designer belongs to East Europe named Annah Hariri who is a reverted Muslimah. Her success story reflects in many ways that doing the right thing the right way is always aided and blessed by Allah. Annah Hariri proved that Islamic Clothing is the right clothing and in no way less or inferior in either the fashion aspect or business aspect.

When Annah Hariri reverted to Islam, as a working lady in European environment dressing was her biggest challenge. Finding suitable clothing that fit the Islamic guidelines was near impossible. The very challenge drove her to become what she is today.

In 2012, she established her own abaya online clothing line. This home-based business is looked after by her husband while Annah freely focuses on her creativity. Not just Muslim girls but all those who like to dress modest but stylish can benefit from Annah’s sense of style mixed with humbleness and most importantly honestly. Yes, Annah proved that walking down the righteous path is no difficult if you have true faith in your heart.

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Proper covering of body is the key focus of her business. Not only that but doing so with complete honesty is what led her to the road to success. Being a reverted Muslim woman, putting on Hijab was a big challenge in many ways but she persevered and thus was rewarded by Allah for putting her efforts in doing the right thing.

Her online store features a wide product range, including abayas dresses, scarves, skirts, jackets and children wear. Outstanding colorful floral long dresses are an attractive feature of her online store. Abayas range from classic styles to poncho and cape styles with neutral to sharp color tones. A large variety of beautiful head scarves features silk jersey and blanket material for harsh cold weather.

Adorable skirts either plain or floral printed soft shaded or bold colored when mixed with Annah’s Jacket line create a style that is sensational rather contagious yet so non-revealing, so covered up and comfortable which is perfect for working ladies. Sleeveless jackets and vests that are long and elegant available in a variety of tones are perfect to be worn under shirts and give a complete modest look regardless of the shortness of office shirts.

Wrap Up

Among many benefits, online selling makes it possible for a seller to advertise his or her talent globally, while a buyer gets an access range so wide it’s unimaginable! A buyer can surf through many cultures and adopt as many styles as they want in a variety of price range.

Middle East is sometimes looked upon as the fashion hub for Muslim women as the Hijab and abaya dress styles that originate from the region are widely adored among Muslim women. But if one can search online, there are various other designers coming from various parts of the globe who have so much to offer to the Muslim culture.

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