Discover 8 Forgotten Ways Extracted from Quran & Sunnah, that will Ignite your Marriage with Love and Passion

What if you could say or do just the right thing guaranteed to make your sweetheart feel loved? The secret is learning the right love language!

The 8 Love Languages will transform the way you express your love to your spouse, to the point that he/she won't even believe you are that same person! Both of you will feel more energy and passion in your marriage. These love languages give you an instant super-power to become the DARLING of your spouse!

Are You Facing Any of these Problems in Your Marriage?

  • Do you feel that the love and passion you felt initially in your marriage has fizzled out?
  • Have you tried everything to express your love to him/her and nothing seems to work?
  • Do you no longer feel “in-love” with your spouse?
  • Do you feel alone and frustrated?
  • Do you have arguments/fights with your spouse all the time?
  • Are you unhappy in your marriage?
  • Are you considering divorce & you want to give it one last try?
  • Would you like to have your marriage full of love, happiness and peace?

If your answer is “Yes”, then you need to learn
the “Languages of Love”!

What Others are saying about the Book!

"Thank you for writing such an amazing book. Every page has been an eye opener. I had to get Better love with Better half, which is also an incredible book. I could not stop reading the books mashallah. May Allah bless you for all your efforts and everything you are doing and have done to help Muslim families. Ameen."

Hamdi Abdulle | Canada

"A fantastic read; not only am I reading it but also using it in my lectures for my Spanish community. Maybe in the future with your permission we will translate it into the Spanish language. JazakAllah.

Suleman Essop Jada | Chile

"I loved the book. I feel it is very good and I am trying to implement some things into my marriage. You have really made it clear how we (men and women) are so different."

Lisa Clem-Johnson (Architectural Engineer) | United States

The 8 Love Languages

Extracted from Quran and Sunnah!

The book outlines eight ways to express and experience love with your spouse. These are called "The 8 Love Languages". You will finally be able to communicate your heartfelt love with each other in a way that both of you appreciate.

And the best part: These 8 love languages have been extracted from the teachings of Quran and Sunnah! So when you apply these love languages to your marriage, not only will you put more love into your marriage, but also earn the reward and pleasure of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala)!

What's in the Book?

  • 1 verbal and 7 non-verbal "love languages"!
  • The 2 love languages that the husband speaks very loudly, yet the wife doesn't hear at all!
  • The no. 1 love language that the husband wants, but the wife is not even aware that he needs it so badly! (Knowing and learning this language will empower the wife to win his heart anytime)
  • The love language that works on both husband and wife and they speak it very well in the honeymoon phase, but stop speaking later on!
  • The 3 love languages that the wife craves so much, but the husband doesn't know she is dying for them!
  • The love language that works on both, and they both know that, but they are confused on how to speak that!
  • The love language that the husband and wife need to speak 20 times every day!!! Yes, you read that right; 20 times per day!
  • Two chapters on what a man wants vs what a woman wants in a relationship (in the light of the modern research on male and female psychology)
  • How our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) taught us these 8 love languages centuries ago, and modern science and psychology now prove they really work!
  • How Islam guarantees the physical, emotional and psychological needs of both men and women in the most beautiful manner!

And a lot more!

So What Are You Waiting For?


Don't take your marriage for granted.

Heck, don't take your spouse for granted. Your spouse is a gift unto you from Allah. Ask the single Muslim or Muslimah who doesn't have a spouse how much he or she yearns and prays to get a pious partner. So having a spouse is a blessing from Allah, so you should value your spouse. Do not be ungrateful of this blessing that Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) has blessed you with.

And don't take “love” for granted. Being married to someone doesn't automatically mean that your spouse will love you. Love needs to be earned, in every relationship, and even in a marriage. You need to specifically “work” on your marriage and do specific actions to earn the love of your spouse.

But without proper guidance and without the knowledge of the difference in the psychology of men vs women, you will be just doing guess work trying to earn the love of your spouse.

Take the guess work out, and learn these 8 Love Languages, that will guarantee you keep your spouse craving for you all the time. These 8 Love Languages are like a super-power that you have, which keeps your spouse coming back to you like a magnet.

But let me tell you frankly.

I am not claiming I invented a magic potion or something. These 8 Love Languages were always there in the Quran and Sunnah, taught to us more than 1400 years ago.

But it looks like we somehow forgot those during these times, because they are not being taught in regular colleges/ universities, not even in the regular madrassahs. And the regular khateeb doesn't bother to give his Jumu'ah khutbah on such topics.

What I have done is dig out these 8 gems from Quran and Sunnah, connect them with the studies and findings of modern science and psychology, and then give practical illustrations and examples on how you can implement these 8 Love Languages today in your marriage!

This is what gives this book the super-power you need. Because:

  • it is based on the Divine guidance (Quran and Sunnah),
  • it explains how the Divine guidance correlates with modern science and psychology,
  • it uses illustrations and examples to explain things in a manner making them simple and easy to understand,
  • it gives practical and easy-to-follow step by step tips on what YOU can do to spice up your marriage!

Do you sometimes feel you will never understand your spouse? 

Sounds familiar?

Not any more...!

While reading this book, you will get many “Aha!” moments, as if you now get it why your spouse acts and reacts in a particular way. But more importantly, once you read this book, you will no more be acting upon guesswork and assumptions to earn the love of your spouse; instead you will know “WITH EXACT PRECISION” what YOU need to do that will keep your spouse obsessed with you all day!

So what are you waiting for?

Grab the book and

Transform Your Marriage NOW!

Regular Price: $14

Special Offer: $6.95 Only!

Special Offer - $6.95 Only

Regular Price: $14

Who is this Book for?

  • Are you Single and want to learn the secrets of having a blissful marriage?
  • Are you a Newlywed and want to find out appropriate ways to express your love to your sweetie!
  • Are you Happily Married and want to learn ways to SPICE UP and put more LOVE into your marriage?
  • Are you unhappy in your marriage and want to bring back love to your marriage?
  • Are you considering divorce and you want to give it one last try?
  • Are you Divorced and want to make a fresh, new start?

If your answer is “Yes”,
then this book is definitely

Know what SHE craves!
Learn what HE wants!

Match your “Love Frequency”,
with his/her “Love Radar”!

Don't just “Survive”,
“Thrive” Together!

The Blueprint to
Transform Your Marriage!

More Testimonials!

"Ma Shaa Allah for the book. It was really educative, enlightened and beneficial to me and my family. Ja Za Kallahu Khairan for all your efforts."

AbdulRahman Adamu | United States

"I really like your structure and how its organised. Very good practical tips."

Naeem Mohamed | United Kingdom

"Alhamdulillah. It was a great book to read. I enjoyed every bit of it and was able to do the first read in no time because I was held spell-bound.

I have discovered that it takes sacrifice to tangle in a marriage. Some things you like doing or getting, your partner might never have an interest in them. It requires the both parties to either shift grounds or agree on those matters. It would be unwise for any one to read your book alone without ensuring their partner reads. They might discover they cannot practise them alone except to carry their spouses along.

Great book I must confess. You did a great job. More power to your elbow. More grace in your endeavours."

Olakunle Nurudeen Sobayo | Nigeria

"The book is very useful and important. May Allah give us the opportunity to practice and implement it."

Sumayya Muhammad | Nigeria

"MashAllah it's very beneficial. JazakAllah Khair."

Nasreen Hassan | Tanzania

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A: No restrictions at all. You get unlimited access to the Ebook for whole life. Even if you lost the PDF file, you can log into the portal to re-download it at any future time.

Q: Is the book available for my country?

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When you said “Qabiltu”, you made a decision to love somebody for your whole life. Now it's upon you to find appropriate ways to express that decision every day!
- Irfan Ullah Khan -

Special Offer - $6.95 Only

Regular Price: $14

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